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What new technology is popular on skateboard?

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Technology-based innovations are changing the experience of how people play games. Over the past decade, many games have changed a lot due to technology. The same changes have occurred with skateboarding equipment. There is very little innovative thinking in the skateboarding industry to make the skateboarding experience more enhanced and balanced. In this article, you will learn about some of the changes that have occurred due to skateboarding technology.

This passage is going to talk about the following new technologies of skateboard:

(1)   Skateboards are more composite

(2)   Good Bearings

(3)   The Shark Wheel

(4)   Spring Loaded Base Plate


(1)   Skateboards are more composite

According to sports experts, the classic seven-person maple deck is the best construction for a skateboard as far as durability is concerned. To gain durability, skateboard brands are now using composite materials to build skateboards. They are now changing the complete deck construction as well.



(2)   Good Bearings

A skate bearing is considered good if it has a rating greater than 5. This rating indicates the amount of stress the bearing can withstand under a certain load and speed. It is not related to the speed of the bearing. The latest technology is the introduction of ceramic bearings, which are supposed to be faster and last longer. Each brand of bearing has its own special lubricant formulation. In addition to the lubricant, the bearings have built-in spacers that are precisely designed to ensure that the bearings remain level with each other and that the balls are larger or smaller than those found in regular skate bearings. This means less surface contact and less friction.


(3)   The Shark Wheel

An inventor named David M. Patrick brought the Shark Wheel to skateboarding. Skateboarders love shark wheels. The inventor has made these wheels into strange shapes. Shark wheels are a combination of two shapes, cubic and spherical. Players who use shark wheels find their skateboards faster and stronger compared to traditional wheels.


(4)   Spring Loaded Base Plate

The skateboard now also has a spring-loaded base plate and floating pivot.

The complete design of the skateboard with a spring-loaded baseplate and floating pivot allows the skater to hang to reduce the impact on rough runs and bad landings.

This was the first skateboard of its kind to offer amazing airflow. There are now many other technical improvements in skateboard design. The interest in skateboarding has led technology-minded people to bring new innovations into the game.

How will the future development of technology affect skateboarding? The first skateboards were simple wood and wheel constructions. Today's skateboard designs are more complex, but they are built essentially the same. Future skateboards will continue to make these improvements and incorporate future technologies such as solar power and hovering features.

One futuristic advancement that is coming is a change in the way skateboards are made today. New materials have been used in skateboard design, as have all other materials. While maple plywood is still the material of choice for skateboard decks, this will almost certainly change as new materials are developed.

Will competitions be held on motorized skateboards and hoverboards? It's unlikely that regular skateboards will become obsolete as skaters switch to these new versions, but it turns out that skaters may soon adopt any new technological changes in their skateboards. Only time will tell what the future of skateboarding will look like.

All these are just unrestrained imagination. However, everyone can have expectations. Browse our website for more skateboarding related information. Choose the best skateboard for your skateboarding career! We are at your service at any time.

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