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Which kinds of inline skates are more suitable for beginners?

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The inline skates buying guide is here to answer frequently asked questions about inline skates, as well as provide education on the different skates available. We have a lot of skates, and we mean "a lot", which makes this guide even more important. This article will detail the various differences in inline skates. As well as what to look for in choosing skates as a novice skater.

roller skates

This passage is going to talk about the followings of roller skate:

(1) Gender roller skates

(2) Types of inline skates

(3) Inline skate with brakes

(1) Gender roller skates

You will notice that inline skates will be geared towards men, women, girls and boys. Many people think that skates are just aesthetically different, but in reality, skates are designed to fit the specific shape of the foot of a man, woman, boy or girl. For example, inline skates for women will have a slightly narrower fit and a lower cuff height. Men typically have a wider foot shape, so a wider fit is better, while women's calf muscles are located lower, so a lower cuff height lessens the fit in that area. Please also note that gender-specific skate sizes are the same as the standard shoe size for that gender, for example, a men's size 9 will fit a men's size 9 shoe, so a woman buying men's skates will be sized down, and vice versa.

(2) Types of inline skates

There are several disciplines of inline skating and there are several different styles of inline skates to choose from. The four main types of inline skates would be fitness, competition, recreational and urban skating. Aggressive and inline field hockey skates are also available.

Fitness: Perfect for experienced skaters and those looking for more skating skills. There is a wide variety of these skates, and you will find skates that offer faster skating speeds and longer distances than recreational skates.

Recreational: One of the most popular skating styles, perfect for beginners and intermediate skaters. Combining comfort and great performance, recreational skates will provide a great fit and feel for first time skaters and will provide a stepping stone to fitness skates.

Race: Race style inline skates will offer a very sturdy boot design with excellent performance. Tough boots deliver great performance, but won't be super comfortable, meaning these skates are only really for those looking for a race-inspired fit.

Urban: Urban style inline skates are relatively new and offer a boot design reminiscent of aggressive roller skates. Built specifically for city streets with a flexible short frame design, Urban skates are perfect for pulling on crowded sidewalks.

(3) Inline skate with brakes

Brakes can be a very, very important part of inline skates, especially for beginners. Beginner skates are needed for brakes. This can avoid some dangers. While some specific models of skates do not come with brakes, most all inline skates will come with brakes.

Inline skate Brakes Vs. No Brakes:

-Skates with Brakes: Almost all recreational and fitness skating uses brakes. Typically, the brakes will be attached to the right skate, but are usually interchangeable between skates. This is done so that the predominantly left-footed skater can switch the brake to the left skater.

-No brakes skates: Although it may seem like a bad idea for beginners and novices, some roller skates do not offer a brake system. Radical skates, field hockey skates and competition skates are just some of these skates that do not offer a braking system. The reason for this is that the braking systems on these types of skates tend to hinder performance, and skaters in these areas tend to be more confident in their skating.

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