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Are bike helmet and skate helmet the same?

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Bicycling and skating can lead to falls. To stay safe, the head needs protection, but are skateboard helmets and bike helmets the same?

The decision between a skateboard helmet and a bike helmet should be made with safety in mind to start, but the possibilities remain vast after the critical choice. Helmet function is also important.

It's not just because you look silly and you don't want to wear an equestrian helmet and ride your bike to the local coffee shop. Of course, certain differences are attributed to sport-specific styles and features.

If you want to know the difference between a skateboard helmet and a bicycle helmet, here are the details.


(1) Safety standards for helmets

(2) Skateboard helmets have better protection

(3) Talk to your child and check their helmet


(1) Safety standards for helmets

Different sports have different helmet safety standards. Some standards are mandatory by the government, especially regarding bicycle helmets, while some are simply consensus rules that manufacturers ideally follow.

A sticker on the inside of the helmet indicates compliance with safety standards. Here are some basic guidelines.

In the United States, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) sets the standard for bicycle helmets. Bicycle helmets are made to withstand one major impact. For example, a high-speed fall on a sidewalk or a collision with a vehicle. Such an impact would compress the foam in the helmet. Once a bicycle helmet has been subjected to a major impact, it must be discarded because the impact will change the helmet. Click helmets can support light hits; they don't need to be thrown away just because you added flowers to a tree branch.

On the other hand, some skating helmets contain softer foam. This type of helmet is not suitable for high impact, but is suitable for multiple low impact - which often happens when skateboarding. This different standard recommends that you should not use a single certified helmet when riding a bicycle. The thicker shells on skate helmets have a similar construction and can withstand a wide range of impacts.


(2) Skateboard helmets have better protection

Do skating activities (such as inline skating, rollerblading, riding pedal scooters, electric skateboards, long skateboards and skateboards) not pose a risk of significant impact to the user? The answer is yes. As it turns out, most skating helmets today are dual certified and meet CPSC standards.

Common sense dictates choosing a larger guard, even if it means having to change helmets more often. You can find the helmet you need on our website.


(3) Talk to your child and check their helmet

It is important to always ask your child when they are returning from a bike ride or skating rink. Ask them if they have fallen and hit their head. Skating children often do this, but not a lot, as it can be embarrassing.

Check their helmet as well. Look for any new signs of impact. If you find any problems, ask your child how it happened and make sure they are not suffering from headaches that are signs of a concussion.

It's important to take the time to work with your child to choose the right helmet. If they can choose the helmet, they think is cool, they are more likely to wear it throughout the day. As a parent, it's your responsibility to guide them through the selection process and make sure the helmet they choose fits properly and meets their safety requirements for helmet use.


We offer skate protections including helmets skate protective gear and complete skateboard related parts. Feel free to contact us anytime.


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