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Is it easier to roller skate than ice skate?

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So today, this article will provide an in-depth comparison of skating and rollerblading and try to answer that question with some solid facts.

roller skate

This passage is going to talk about the followings of roller skate:

(1) Ice skating and roller skating

(2) Differences between two different types of ice skates.

(3) Conclusion

(1) Ice skating and roller skating

When it comes to the history of these two sports, skating dates back thousands of years, while roller skating, which is only a few hundred years old, evolved from ice skating. While there are many similarities between the two, there are also differences between them, such as the construction of the skating surface and boots.

If you look at skates, they have what looks like a blade on the bottom to slide on the ice, while skates have a row of wheels in them. The two looks very similar!

But to answer a simple question, I would say inline skates. The reason is that they are easy to learn. No matter what age you are, you can easily learn inline skating.

The main reason why they are better than skating is the quality of the manufacturing for recreational purposes and the performance of the rigid support they provide for the feet and ankles.

Also, roller skates have wheels that extend further forward and backward, which helps balance you forward and backward at the same time. Plus, the long wheelbase provides you with better control. If the blades are skating, the base is thin and it takes a long time to learn how to balance.

Many skaters who are concerned about side skating stability can easily overcome it by roller skating because the wide wheelbase provides greater stability.

The result of more stability is that you will feel safer and have the confidence to skate at a good speed.

(2) Differences between two different types of ice skates.

Stopping in:

The way you stop is probably the main difference between skating and skating. When roller skating, there are built-in brakes on your heels that help you stop. However, you can also drag your back foot and even turn sharply backwards with your weight.

In skating, there are no built-in brakes and you have to keep your weight more in the center of the blade. This way, you can use that particular part of the blade to scrape the ice nicely and eventually stop. This doesn't seem easy because shifting your weight too much on either side will throw you off balance and you will have a hard time falling.


As mentioned above, inline skates have a wider wheelbase, which provides good balance and helps you learn to roller skate easily. In addition, roller skates have multiple locking systems that hold your feet in place and help build confidence in skating.

When skating, it is difficult to balance with a thin blade underneath the boot. Mastering it takes a considerable amount of time, and stopping is even more difficult.


Streets, parking lots, sidewalks and ice surfaces. Both sports have different surfaces. Skating is difficult to learn, but have a separate playground, but do so only to ensure safety.

When roller skating, you can stride down the street or parking lot, but never know when there are holes, cracks, obstacles or uneven patches, and it's easy to get off-balance and seriously injure yourself.

It's safe to smooth and remove the ice surface regularly.

(3) Conclusion

When it comes to calorie burning, heart rhythm and breathing, both exercises have the same aerobic value. The way you move, the stride, the technique and almost everything else is the same and requires a full body effort. Because skating is done indoors, it can be done year-round; whereas roller skating may be limited in extreme hot weather conditions.

In general, skating is done on ice, which can provide you with a better experience. Your legs and feet feel smooth and you don't get any sudden shocks. Roller skating is also comfortable, but not as comfortable as ice skating. If the surface is smooth, then there is nothing to worry about, but dangerous terrain can seriously damage your legs and feet. I recommend you read the article on the best inline skates for more insight!

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