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GAMER GEAR -Compassion in northern Guangdong

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-29      Origin: Site


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Gamer Gear Sporting Goods Co Ltd. organized the activity of compassion in Lianping county on 18th Sep 2021. Regarding this, we have  donated  much goods to the Guanqiao primary school, such as sports goods, equipment, books and so on. Since closing to the Mid Autumn Festival, we also shared  moon cake  with the students.Therefore, all the kids are  so happy for them. Gamer Gear Sporting Goods  Co Ltd. affect in Education, donate to school.  So we use practical actions to return to the society sincerely. And contribute love and practical deeds to the development of education .


The students welcomed us for coming


The students lead us into the school


Donated goods


Grant thanks


Signed the donated agreement


Happy with all the students


Commemorated by photo

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