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What are the functions of skateboard helmets?

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In skateboarding, safety is always a top priority. Sure, you may feel awkward wearing a skateboard helmet when skateboarding, but no one will judge you. I admit that I don't always wear a skateboard helmet, only when I'm doing basic things. Lack of protective clothing is still common among skateboarders, but slowly you will find more and more skateboarders wearing protective gear.

For safety reasons, a skateboard helmet should be worn every time you skateboard. Its main purpose is to protect the head from serious injury in the event of a fall. Concussions and various head injuries occur, especially if you are a beginner. Even if you know how to fall properly, it can be difficult to prevent accidents from happening.

skateboard helmet

This passage is going to talk about the followings of skate protection:

(1) Why do I need to wear a skateboard helmet for skateboarding?

(2) What are the legal requirements?

(3) Choosing the right skateboard helmet

(1) Why do I need to wear a skateboard helmet for skateboarding?

According to the pros, wearing a skateboard helmet is essential, especially when doing vertical and bowl skating. You can never be sure when an accident will happen. By actively protecting yourself, you can avoid a concussion or skull fracture.

Some skaters who have been practicing for years do not wear a skateboard helmet for reasons such as; "it doesn't look cool" or the skateboard helmet feels uncomfortable. Skateboard helmets are also mandatory if you are a beginner and lack experience compared to experienced skateboarders.

I didn't wear a helmet when I was younger because I didn't think about the consequences, not the "uncool factor" that I didn't even consider. My friends did not wear one, so perhaps it also played a role. Accidents can happen at any time.

Please note that the skateboard helmet saved these people's lives. Without it, they would have ended up as vegetables.

(2) What are the legal requirements?

Almost all skateparks in the United States actually require their regulars to wear skateboard helmets to gain access. In California, a law has been passed that requires skaters under the age of 18 to wear a skateboard helmet on any street or public place. Other states have not yet proposed similar laws, but for now, their laws cover the use of helmets at skateparks and other skating recreation centers.

Advantages of wearing a skateboard helmet.

You get a better view when skating on the road, depending on the color.

Fewer chances of fatal head injuries.

Less recovery time in Great Falls.

No trips to the hospital and you can go to work or school the next day

Disadvantages of wearing a skateboard helmet.

Skateboard helmets are uncomfortable because they make you sweat Aesthetically speaking, skateboard helmets don't look "cool" and can mess up your hair. Well, it's not a beauty contest.

Based on these points, we can safely say that wearing a skateboard helmet is more logical than not wearing one, and it's still up to you. Knowing how to fall doesn't always guarantee safety. Ultimately, safety is more important than looking cool or worrying about your hair.

From skateboarding legend Mike Valley - skateboard helmets can be cool! Thanks to his active support of sports helmets.

(3) Choosing the right skateboard helmet

There are a variety of skateboard helmets to choose from, but knowing which one to buy and how to pick one is definitely more important than the trendy one.

To determine the best size, you will need to measure your head. Use a tape measure and place it about an inch above your eyebrows, then measure the circumference of your head. Take note of this and bring it to the store when you buy your skateboard helmet to make sure it fits correctly. Skateboard helmets that are too big or too small are uncomfortable, and you won't get the best protection.

There is a standard style of helmet, but there are other options on the market if you are interested in wearing something else or have more coverage. Ideally, skateboard helmets designed for skateboarding are more impact resistant than other types of skateboard helmets. Open face skateboard helmets are often used, while downhill longboard riders prefer full face skateboard helmets.

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