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What age can you start to learn roller skating?

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Roller skating is a sport for young and old alike, which is both enjoyable and healthy! If you love skating, it's no wonder you share it with your kids ...... but how do you get started? Here are some of the most common questions we hear from parents: Can young children learn to skate? What age can you start to learn roller skating?

Roller skating

This passage is going to talk about the followings of roller skate:

(1) When can a child learn to skate?

(2) How to teach kids how to skate?

(3) Is roller skating also suitable for the elderly?

(1) When can a child learn to skate?

Children as young as two or three years old can learn to skate, but the answer really depends on your child. While you can find toddler-sized skates (usually skates that are strapped to sneakers), you should really pay more attention to whether your child is ready to skate.

If your child is particularly precocious, interested in skating, and well balanced, then they may be ready to try skating. However, if your child doesn't seem interested, doesn't have enough coordination to master it, or can't follow directions and follow safety rules, it's best to give it some time before trying to get them on the rink.

For most children, four or five years old is the best time to learn to skate. Remember that any child under the age of eight should still always be supervised by an adult in the event of an accident or injury.

(2) How to teach kids how to skate?

The best way to teach kids how to roller skate is to start slow. Skates with chunky tires are great for younger kids/beginners because they make it easier to stay upright. The most important thing is to choose the right roller skates. You can browse our website to find the skates you want.

You can also get your child started on a special roller skate (a plastic support with wheels, kind of like a rolling walker) to help them get out of skating without falling over.

Another important part of teaching your kids to skate is giving them the skills to be safe from the start. One of the first things you should teach them is how to fall, including how to keep their hands safe. Of course, the best way to introduce your child to roller skating is through skating lessons.

(3) Is roller skating also suitable for the elderly?

Seniors seem to fall into two categories, those who roller skated earlier in their lives and those who never learned. You don't forget how to roller skate, but you do find a new balance point. Remember, every 10 pounds lost or gained affects your balance point. Roller skating is a great low-impact workout that is gentle on the joints, more so than running or cycling. Again, taking one of our classes will ensure you learn or relearn the sport the right way and are sure to love the friends you make! The American Heart Association endorsed roller skating as a heart healthy activity for our predecessors in its 80's and even 90's!

So, what is the best age to learn roller derby? Any age is best! Roller skating is a balancing sport where one foot or the other switches from one foot to the other. If you have a child running around the house, chances are they are ready to learn how to skate. This youngster is easy to teach, they're like little sponges and love new challenges! If you didn't learn to skate as a child, there is still hope for you! Many adults are worried about trying to learn to skate because of the danger of falling. Roller skating is a great sport for any adult, even beginners. You'll use 80% of your body's muscles and burn up to 650 calories per hour, not to mention the great music and new friendships you'll make.

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