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What kind of skateboard knee pads are more suitable for teenagers?

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What kind of skateboard knee pads are more suitable for teenagers? Knee injuries are a common site of sports injuries, and they not only affect the function of sports, but also limit the activities of daily life. Knee pads play a big role in preventing knee injuries and protecting injured knees. So how do we know if we need knee pads and how do we choose the right knee pads?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of skateboard:

(1)   How can I tell if I need a knee brace?

(2)   How to choose a suitable knee brace?

(3)   Patella Release Type


(1)  How can I tell if I need a knee brace?

The need to wear knee pads depends on whether we have the following needs.

1 Sports protection.

There is no injury to the knee joint itself, but there is a risk of injury to the knee joint during strenuous exercise and a knee brace is needed to prevent injury.

2 Injury prevention.

Injuries to the soft tissues of the knee joint such as ligaments require a knee brace to avoid aggravation of the injury and to promote recovery from the injury.

3 Force Line Correction.

Knee joint deformation due to rheumatism and other diseases can aggravate damage to the knee joint by causing abnormal force lines in the lower limbs.

Some knee pads also have a warming effect. Simply put, if your knees are healthy, you can wear a knee brace to avoid injury when participating in strenuous sports; if your knees are already damaged, wearing a knee brace can prevent further development of the injury and ensure that the sport is completed successfully.



(2)  How to choose a suitable knee brace?

01 Patella Wrap Type

1) Barrel knee brace: This type of knee brace can completely cover the knee joint and provide some fixation and support for the entire knee joint, while controlling minor swelling of the knee and keeping the knee joint warm for people with arthritis.

Applicable people: Suitable for people with mild knee problems and difficulty in distinguishing the location of knee pain, or people with jogging and brisk walking habits.

Note: Not suitable for daily wear because the patella is completely covered and when the knee is bent more than 45 degrees, the knee brace will restrict the relative position of the patella and the femur, which will increase the chance of patellar degeneration and aggravate knee pain over time. Therefore, these knee pads should not be worn by people who often have to walk up and down stairs or squat.

2) For people with meniscus injuries who like to hike, a supportive knee brace can protect the meniscus by taking some of the weight off the meniscus.

3) For people with ligament injuries who still need to play sports, you can choose a tight support knee brace. The tightness of the knee brace can limit the range of motion of the knee joint, and with the side support strips, it can effectively relieve pressure on the ligaments and prevent re-injury.


(3)  Patella Release Type

This type of knee brace is designed with openings in the patella, with special thickening and strengthening treatment at the openings. The open hole design reduces the pressure on the patella to a certain extent, and at the same time better fixes the patella to avoid painful rubbing due to abnormal patella movement.

Suitable for people with abnormal patellofemoral movement, posterior patellofemoral pain, difficulty going up and down stairs and squatting, and frequent runners. This type of knee brace can be worn in daily life because it does not compress the patella and restricts the bending activities of the knee joint.

03 Corset type

Also known as the patellar compression band or patellar band, this is a circular band that is fixed to the patellar tendon just below the patella. This type of knee brace gives some restraint to the patellar tendon and reduces excessive strain on the patellar tendon during exercise, thus reducing pain and providing moderate rest to the patellar tendon, but it does not protect the rest of the knee joint. This type of knee brace is not suitable for people with ligament and meniscus injuries.

People: Suitable for patients with patellar tendonitis and pain below the knee, but also for people who run and jump a lot, prefer ball games or ride a lot.

There are many types of knee pads, and only by choosing the right one can you protect your knee, but of course, in addition to the above types, you should also consider the material and size of the knee pads. The more functional the knee pads are, the better the protection and support, and the greater the range of sports effects, which can greatly reduce the effectiveness of muscle exercise over time.

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