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What kinds of skateboard protective gear are included?

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Skating gear will come and go, but you only get one body, so wear your skating helmet and pads! Skateboarding requires a lot of repetition, especially for beginners, but ultimately, it's about the whole time a skateboarder is using the board. Falling is part of the game and protecting high impact areas can help you spend more time skating and less time recovering. If you plan to ride a skateboard or ebb, consider purchasing some protective gear. What kinds of skateboard protective gear are included?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of skateboard:

(1)  Introduction to protective gear

(2)  Types of skateboard protective equipment

(3)  Conclusion


(1)  Introduction to protective gear

Fast, fun, and packed with stunts and tricks - that's what makes skateboarding so popular among adults and children alike. Not only is it a favorite pastime for many people, but it also serves as a means of transportation.

Similar to other sports, it is essential to have protective skateboarding equipment. This will help you prevent bruises, minor injuries and serious injuries. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it is recommended that you do not skateboard without the proper protective equipment.


skateboard protective gear

(2)  Types of skateboard protective equipment

There are some basic types of skateboard protective gear. It is vital to determine the best skateboard knee pads or the appearance of a quality helmet to ensure its overall functionality. In addition, you need to be familiar with the various components of each gear to ensure that the kit you purchase has all the necessary features.

Therefore, the following is the necessary protective gear that you may want to bring to the table. 


Slip-ons on the ankles, feet and toes are very harsh; therefore, it is recommended that you wear closed shoes. Purchase a quality pair of shoes made of suede or leather. Make sure the shoes fit precisely and that the soles are made of grippy rubber.


A helmet will be all you need to prevent head injuries. One is suitable for single use, while the other is suitable for multiple hits. A versatile skateboard helmet is ideal for beginners. Check the inside of the helmet for a sticker indicating that it meets the skateboard helmet standards. Also, make sure it has a secure buckle and strap. The strap must be comfortable and secure every time you ride.

Body armor

Padded clothing is provided for the lower and upper body. Padded shorts protect your lower spine, hips, buttocks and groin. You can choose from a variety of styles to fit your body. Padded tops, on the other hand, protect your back, shoulders and chest. These include jackets or full-length sleeve shirts, spine protectors, women's bras, partial chests and undershirts.


When skateboarding, joints can suffer injuries beyond the head. Fractures, bruises, cuts and abrasions are some of the common types of joint injuries that skateboarders sustain. It's good to have the best skateboarding knee pads and elbow pads to give you comfort without restricting your movement.

Other Equipment

There are also gloves, wrist guards as well as ankle and shin guards. Wrist guards can be straight wrist guards, partial gloves, or full gloves that protect your fingers. Ankle braces prevent strains and twists.

Mouth guards are also good protection against oral injuries such as dental injuries. Goggles or glasses are also provided as protective skateboarding equipment that may fall off. It is best to wear sturdy goggles or glasses to prevent falls that are not easily broken.


(3)  Conclusion

These devices are more about protection than fashion. You can use them on the street or on the trails, in the park or while skating.

For your next skateboarding activity, don't forget to bring along this vital protective gear to ensure a fun and safe adventure. Have questions? Share them with your friends, too!

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