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How to Choose the Proper Fitness skate for Boys and Girls?

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Rollerblading is a great way to participate in a fitness activity that is good for your body and mind. So, if you have a pair of inline skates, get them out of the closet.

Whatever your personal fitness needs, rollerblading is a great way to meet those needs. You can even develop your own complete inline skating fitness program and compete or challenge yourself through fitness.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of fitness inline skate:

(1) How to Choose the Proper Fitness skate?

(2) Which type of inline skates to choose?

(3) Rough idea of frame length, bearings, materials and other parameters


(1) How to Choose the Proper Fitness skate?

When selecting inline skates, we generally consider.

Type of skates (inline, fitness, aggressive ......)

Wheel size and stiffness

Shoe size

Overall price/quality ratio

Frame length, material and other parameters

fitness inline skate 

(2) Which type of inline skates to choose?

It all depends on whether you are an experienced skater and know what type of skates you like best, or if you are a beginner who has not yet defined your style. It is also important to consider the surface on which you skate most often. With these requirements in mind, you can choose the type of skates for your new skate.

Fitness inline skates are the most widely used. Fitness inline skates are designed for fitness and recreational skating. They are easy to control, comfortable to wear and well-ventilated shoes.

Radical inline skates are mainly used by skaters who like to perform tricks. They are designed for ice skating, rinks or skating on obstacles. Radical inline skates are easy to control and have several safety features. They are designed to withstand extreme loads during high jumps, skating or gliding. Most radical inline skates are UFS (Universal Frame System) compatible, which allows you to purchase parts from other manufacturers.

Speed (racing) inline skates focus on performance and are suitable for competition and intensive training. They are designed for frequent use and higher loads. High-speed inline skates usually come with an extended frame that is secured to the ankle-high shoe and can accommodate up to five wheels. They are mainly suitable for experienced skaters and professionals.

Riptide Inline skates These skates usually have smaller wheels placed close together. They are ideal for slalom skating.

The biggest advantage of certain types of skates for kids is their adjustable size (adjustable tip and sometimes heel), which ensures comfort for young skaters. When choosing frame materials, bearing types and wheel sizes, it is important to consider the strength and style of the child's skate.


(3) Rough idea of frame length, bearings, materials and other parameters

Frames are another attribute that affects skating style. Longer frames are suitable for endurance riding and shorter frames allow you to have better control of your skates. The quality of the frame depends on the material it is made of: aluminum or plastic. Aluminum frames are more durable than plastic frames and can withstand greater impact.

Bearings affect the speed and quality of skating. Most bearings on the market are marked with an odd number on the ABEC scale. This indicates the manufacturing accuracy of the bearing. The larger the number, the more accurately the bearing is manufactured (low dimensional tolerance).

Another thing to keep in mind is the way the frame is attached to the shoe. The more expensive models come with screws, which will make them easier to clean. The cheaper skates have frames with rivets attached, while the cheapest skates are either glued or molded directly into the skate.

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