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How long is the service life of a complete skateboard?

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Most skaters want to know how long it will take to buy a new skateboard. It is tricky but important to know because it will help you determine which board you should buy. Determining the lifespan of a skateboard is tricky because it depends on a variety of factors.

The quality of production, the technology used, the environment in which it is used and the maintenance will all affect how long the board stays in good condition. Skateboarding is a fun and healthy sport and today is becoming a source of commuting. Keep in mind that different shapes and types of boards have different purposes and therefore their lifespan will vary.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of complete skateboard:

(1) How long do skateboards last?

(2) Issues that affect the life of your skateboard

(3) Conclusion


(1) How long do skateboards last?

One of the common questions that skateboarders have these days is how long does a skateboard last? If you want to know the answer to the same query and some ways to extend the life of your skateboard, this article is for you.  

Although this question is not so easy to answer, a quick answer to the normal life span of a skateboard is about 6 months to 2 years. In fact, it depends mainly on some important factors, such as who the manufacturer of the skateboard is, the quality of your skateboard, its use and maintenance. However, if you try to ride it without knowing the basics of skateboarding, it may break down within 5 minutes. On the contrary, if you buy a good skateboard and use it carefully and also maintain it well, it can even last for 5 years.

The board is the most expensive and the most prone to wear. Longer boards used only for riding last longer. The material and frequency of use also determine the life span of a skateboard. Typically, thicker boards last longer than others, and occasional slicks are safest than flips and jumps.


(2) Issues that affect the life of your skateboard

The wider your skateboard is, the more space you get, and ultimately the longer it will last.

Weight is an important issue. If you're overweight, the skateboard is more likely to break down quickly.

If you skate on rails and ledges, it will break down quickly because it has more impact than a normal skateboard.

Skateboarding style is one of the main factors. Novice skateboarders generally tend to damage their skateboards.

Your truck should not be too loose or too tight.

Know all the tricks and stunts related to skateboarding. Don't seriously try any of these if you don't know the basics.

Always check to see if the wheels are tight enough. If not, use a skateboard tool to loosen or tighten the skateboard nuts on your truck.

When you can't drive properly, many people get annoyed and throw the skid plate away! Never do this, if you don't want your skateboard to get broken early and easily.

If you drag the tail of your board a lot, or if you skate your board very often than normal, your board will wear out faster.

If it is an electronic skateboard, be sure to charge the battery before it drops to 0%. To keep the battery at 40-50%, charge it every 6 months.

In general, longboards last longer than other types of skateboards such as cruiser skateboards or penny skateboards.


(3) Conclusion

Generally speaking, the board must be kept in proper condition for one year. Trucks may last longer. And, the wheels should stay on for about two years.

What you need to do is: tighten the trucks and wheels of the skateboard, store it in a cool and dry place, clean off the debris regularly, and charge the batteries at the right time if you've got an electric skateboard.

Finally, my advice is that if you want your skateboard to last longer, you should first learn the basics of skateboarding, learn the tricks slowly and gradually, and most importantly, buy the best brand of skateboard. If you need one, come check out our skateboards!

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