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​How do I know if the size of my roller skates is right?

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Correctly sized roller skates are a very important part of the buying process because properly fitted skates will be more comfortable and supportive. Improperly fitting skates can lead to decreased performance, sore feet and a lack of desire to skate. Properly sized roller skates will provide better support, increased power transfer and a more comfortable feel while skating. Here in this guide, we will cover the correct size of roller skates for men, women and children.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of roller skate:

(1) General sizing information of roller skate

(2) Considerations for choosing roller skates

(3) Width of roller skates


(1) General sizing information of roller skate

Most roller skates will fit your standard shoe size. So, if you wear a size 8 shoe every day, then a size 8 skate will fit. Most skate brands will align their skates with popular footwear brands to make sizing easier.

When trying on skates for the first time, you may find them to be too snug, but there are a few tips to make sure they are sized correctly. The first time you put on roller skates, check where your toes are; if they barely touch the front of the skate, you're fine. If your toes are bent or retracted, the skates are probably too small. To better illustrate how your skates will fit once you're in them; put on your skates and bend your knees to get yourself into a skating position. Once in the skating position, you will feel your toes come off the front of the skates. While in this position, you will get a better idea of how the skates will fit once you put them on after a few uses.

roller skates 

(2) Considerations for choosing roller skates

Here are some considerations for choosing skates.

Checking the size of children's skates:

Slide the new skates on, then while the skates are still loose, kick the toes forward to the front of the boot. Check that there is room behind the heel, and if there is a pencil width area, it is best to bring a little room to grow. You should adjust the pencil width at the back of the heel to finger width, not more. Since skates are so large, any extra space will eventually lead to support and comfort issues.

Time to adjust to the foot:

Roller skates will take some time to break in. During this time, the skates will be molded around your specific foot shape, which will result in a more comfortable fit and give you excellent performance. Roller skates take some time to fully break in, and higher end models may take longer due to the stiffer boot and easier molding of the liner.


(3) Width of roller skates

Most skates are only available in standard widths that most skaters will find suitable. Some skates are available in narrow, medium or wide widths, but this can only be found on high end skates. Most skaters will find that the standard width will fit and fit after a few skates, but those with very wide feet may find a better fit in the specified width of skates.


In short, the ankle part of the skate is an important part of the skate that supports the weight of the body, and it must be hard enough to keep the ankle and calf in a straight line without bending when the practitioner accidentally falls, and to reduce the pressure on this part.

Skate size must be suitable with my size, neither too big nor too small, try the shoes should be loosened all the laces and then pulled tight in turn, must determine the number suitable to buy, do not settle for.

In short, it is important to choose the right skates for yourself. You can contact us for skate sizes if you need them.

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