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Can adults lose weight through roller skating?

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Roller skating as a more interesting aerobic exercise, is the same as jogging weight loss effect, of course, provided you have enough fat to burn.

Although it is impossible to achieve the effect of mermaid line and eight pack abs through roller skating, because it also requires your anaerobic exercise to build muscle.

However, unlike jogging, the impact of rollerblading on the knees is much less than jogging, so it is a very desirable form of exercise and fitness.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of complete skateboard:

(1) Can adults lose weight through roller skating?

(2) How to reduce the sore legs after the playing roller skates?

(3) Other pulley fitness considerations


(1) Can adults lose weight through roller skating?

When you think of health and fitness, your mind may almost immediately turn to the well-known methods of weight loss. Going to the gym, walking, swimming, running, biking and yoga are some of the easiest things to think of.

However, one popular exercise that is often overlooked to lose weight and improve fitness levels is rollerblading. Well, that's right; the sport that you would normally ride along the boulevard can help you get healthy today.

Roller skating and ice skating have so many health benefits, it will surprise you. As an added bonus, popular roller-skating sports (like recreational inline skating, roller derby and speed skating) are also fun!

A leisurely 30-minute roller derby session on the boulevard will burn 250 calories! So, if you do 30 minutes of math skating five times a week, you will burn about 1,250 calories. This, combined with a sensible reduction in diet, can help you lose a pound a week.

complete skateboard

Of course, your weight will affect the amounts of calories burned in one hour of skating. If two people of different weights skate at the same speed over the same distance and on the same terrain, the heavier person will burn more calories. Rollerblading - This is true for every sport, not just rollerblading health.

In addition to your weight, the type of skating you do will determine how many calories you burn.

The Journal of Fitness conducted a study of different people exercising on skates and rollerblades of different weights. According to them, a person weighing 150 pounds would burn 482 calories per hour while quad skating. But did you know that roller skating or inline skating burns even more calories? The guy who weighs 150 pounds burns 600 calories per hour rollerblading. I guess that's where all the extra balance comes in.


(2) How to reduce the sore legs after the playing roller skates?

Exercise after not tired is not possible, you walk for a long time will feel tired, let alone roller skating.

Just wear roller skates casually slide two first, as long as you run up, a long time will definitely feel tired.

Well, on the sports thick legs this problem, has been troubled by many people's problems, especially girls, which is one of the reasons (excuses) that led to the majority of students less exercise. However, thick legs cannot be blamed on the movement of ah, to play roller skating buckle on the stigma of easy leg thick is unfair to roller skating (roller skating strongly condemned), that led to the movement of thick legs in the end what is the reason?

Not enough stretching after exercise!

Stretching is not just pull a few on the line, after playing roller skating, at least 20 minutes to stay for stretching.


(3) Other pulley fitness considerations

Roller skating fitness, you need to pay attention to the following points:

If you want to lose weight, then moderation in diet is necessary. Carbohydrates (starchy staples, such as rice and noodles, etc.) can be moderately reduced or halved, try not to eat sweets, do not eat after 8 p.m. (drink water can be), junk food and so on do not eat again.

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