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How to judge? - roller blades or roller skates

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The main difference between inline skating and roller skating is the wheels.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of quad roller skate:

(1) Difficulties

(2) Which is easiest to stop - roller skates or rollerblades?

(3) Which one should I choose - shovel blades or roller skates?


(1) Difficulties

For beginners, it will be easier to stand upright with roller skates because they have wheels located on the left and right side of the center of the foot.

This will make them suitable for beginners because you are more stable on them, and it will be easier to walk slowly. Since fewer leg muscles are needed to maintain balance, it may be better for younger children, whose muscles may have trouble keeping them upright on inline skates. Which is actually better for me?

roller skating 

(2) Which is easiest to stop - roller skates or rollerblades?

Both skates require you to learn how to stop.

Inline skates have brakes on the back (not always). To brake, you bend your knees in a half crouch so that your torso is leaning forward for balance, then extend one leg so that the rear brake is pushed along the floor in front of you. Most beginners find this movement fairly easy to master. Applying pressure with the heel is a muscle movement we usually do while moving, so it may feel more natural.

The brakes on wheeled skates are located in the front and you have to drag your legs behind you to make the brakes rub on the floor. It can be argued that this movement is a less natural one, especially when applying force downward in that position while maintaining balance. However, it is usually not too difficult for beginners to learn relatively quickly.

Inline skates usually do not have brakes, so stopping in this situation can be much more difficult. Not having brakes means that it is not so obvious what to do. You have to learn specific techniques, which can cause problems if there is no one around to tell you.

With no brakes, you drag one foot backwards at right angles to the other foot, thus creating a T-shape. Use the bottom inside edge of all four wheels while dragging the wheel vertically along the ground along the brakes to the ground.

This is much more difficult than stopping with brakes. This is because having one foot behind you while pointing the other foot at 90 degrees is a slightly less natural position than having both feet facing the same direction with the brakes installed.

However, with both roller skates and rollerblades, you will have to go through the process of learning to stop. It may take a little longer to learn with others, but it won't take you ten times as long, and the difference in difficulty will be quickly eliminated after some practice.


(3) Which one should I choose - shovel blades or roller skates?

The choice depends entirely on your personal preferences and circumstances and the purpose for which you will be using the skates. In terms of learning curve, there is a learning curve for both and there is not much difference here.

If you have small children, it may make more sense to get them roller skates because they are easier to stand and balance, whereas less developed ankle and leg muscles may mean they have difficulty stabilizing roller skates.

If you want to play a specific sport, then it should be clear what skates you should buy. For speed skating, inline skates are used. Roller skates can also be used for dancing.

If you are looking for recreational skating, then you can choose one of these, but it is worth noting that inline is easy to do quickly. This doesn't mean you'll be flying around and unable to control yourself when you first learn, but it means you'll be using your muscles more effectively to cover distance. You will have to get a little better at wheeling to keep up with the speed of wheeling.

You may also just have a visual preference for one type of skate and its associated style, so you can make your decision based on that as well. Maybe you just like the look of skates and would be fine with them if you are willing to take the time to learn.

Overall, since they can move more efficiently, blades may be better suited for everyday use in a practical sense.

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