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How to find High-Quality Skate manufacturer?

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Skateboarding has become a global industry with multiple brands springing up all over the world. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of micro-, small, medium and large skate companies operating in a highly competitive market.

The skate industry is worth between $2.5 billion and $5 billion annually, and more than two-thirds of skaters choose to shop with small or local companies.

With between 100 and 20 million active skateboarders worldwide, most brands rely on apparel to stay afloat. China also has many well-known skateboard brands.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of skateboard manufacturer:

(1) The source of skateboard manufacturer brands

(2) Leading skateboard manufacturing platform

(3) Skateboard manufacturing partner selection process


(1) The source of skateboard manufacturer brands

In the skateboarding industry, brands tend to come and go.

It's rare for them to have time to stay in the spotlight. But the constant reshuffling (pun not intended) of decks allows for a rotation of new brands to make names for themselves. Whether known primarily for the skateboard parts necessary for crafts (like decks, trucks, wheels and shoes) or for their apparel and accessories, the skateboarding world has been expanding since the sport caught the attention of mainstream sports.

Skateboarding has also become a major source of inspiration for high-end fashion brands as they design their own interpretations of skate culture and style from graphic tees, five-panel hats, nine-quarter pants, wide-leg pants and skate sneakers to brands like Vans. However, there is no faking the original and the brands that do it best are the ones with a long history in board sports, unlike luxury brands that just try to capitalize on the look.


(2) Leading skateboard manufacturing platform

With us, you can get the best skateboard products. We use the same production process for our customers as the big companies in order to give them the highest quality and the largest selection of customization options. This has made us the leading skateboard manufacturing platform in China.

We arrange not only your deck products, but also buckle straps, bearings, wheels, trucks, hardware tools and mechanical products starting from raw materials! This means we don't print your designs on certain prep parts. Instead, we build the skateboard components exactly as you expect them to be!

If you want your brand to stand out, stand out in the skate store and be known for the highest quality and competitive prices. If you want to spend your time growing your company rather than engaging in lengthy price negotiations with suppliers, then you've come to the right place. We think in the same way.

Welcome to our company website, the last stop in your search for a skateboard manufacturer. We will provide you with the best service!


(3) Skateboard manufacturing partner selection process

Continuously use the right machinery to find new skateboard factories and interview the owners of the skateboard factories. After finding the right new partner, we teach the factory owner and his management team how to set up world class skateboard production and how to follow our standardized production protocols.

Once the skateboard line is set up correctly, we will provide the skateboard factory with molds, shapes and the necessary raw materials and skateboard components to ensure the highest quality and consistency across all of our skateboard factories.

By partnering with multiple skateboard plants for each component, rather than owning and operating one large plant, we can better fulfill our commitment to the highest quality, consistency, innovation and price leadership in the marketplace.

By leaving ownership of the factories to our partners, we know that the human resource procurement process and the care of hundreds of workers will be under the control of one attentive and talented manager. This gives us the time to work on new products, production techniques and quality control processes to provide you with greater product customization.

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