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How should an adult choose a suitable skateboard for beginners?

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To be honest, skateboarding was a bit daunting at first! Want to know the size of the skateboard deck or the full size to buy? How do you make the choice of skateboard size for your child?

We are here to help you find the best size and shape for your riding style. If you have any other unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Most importantly, don't be intimidated by this information. You can blast through any size or shape of skateboard!

This passage is going to talk about the followings of complete skateboard:

(1)What is the best skateboard size for you?

(2)What to look for when buying your first skateboard?

(3)Other option-to choose a complete skateboard kit


(1)What is the best skateboard size for you?

Whether you're buying a skateboard for a kid, a friend or for yourself, you've come to the right place. Choosing a skateboard deck size is not an easy task, especially if you're building your own custom skateboard. There are so many choices! So, we've put together all the important details in one simple guide. Read about how to choose a skateboard deck here.

Choosing a skateboard size depends on your own preferences, comfort and ability. However, this chart will help you get started. Some will depend on shoe size, age or height.

A comfortable sizing board should measure the height of the hip where the nose of the deck is located. This way, you should be able to balance well without distracting your feet.

Skateboard Width

Choosing the width of your skateboard is one of the most important decisions you can make when considering a deck. It is important to consider what you will be using your skateboard for, such as cruising, street skating or park skating. You can choose based on the size and height of your shoes, or you can go to a trusted skateboard store and stand on a bunch of boards to see which feels right.

Sizing for kids and beginners

For kids 9 and under, we usually recommend boards that are 7.3-7.5 inches wide and no more than 30 inches long. You can find these boards in our mini-deck collection. These boards are built specifically for younger skateboarders and are easier to flip and pop than full size boards.


(2)What to look for when buying your first skateboard?

Getting your first skateboard is a proud moment, and you will always remember that first skateboard! You want a board that looks great and has good build quality to give you the best start for your budget. The more you like the look of the board, the more you want to ride it and the more you will progress and stick with it.

There are several options when buying your first skateboard, so let's look at the most common ones.

A complete skateboard

The most common first board is the "complete skateboard", which as the name implies, you get everything already assembled and ready to ride. The advantage is that you don't need to choose and match all the right parts, you just need to choose the desired design on the right size board. This is usually the most effective way to get into skateboarding.

You can visit our website to see our complete line of beginner skateboards.


(3)Other option-to choose a complete skateboard kit

Similar to a complete skateboard, you get everything you need to make a skateboard, but it comes unassembled. The advantage of this is that you can get the more expensive/luxurious deck you really want without having to worry about knowing the right size parts for it. This will be a little more expensive than a full skateboard, but still an affordable way to get a quality skateboard. It's easy to put together yourself and is a fun way to learn about your new skateboard.

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